Hello there

Welcome to the section page of ESN CTU in Prague. As you can see we are the section with the most original and creative name. That alone should warrant a visit or at least checking out our page.

Who are we?

  • The history of our student organisation goes back to 1999
  • Our vision is to create an international community at the Czech Technical University in Prague
  • We cooperate with other sections (especially with other four Prague sections)
  • Our mascot is Mr. Red Couch. You can see him here.

Find us here:


Coming to Prague for Erasmus?

If you are coming to CTU for exchange we got a lot of stuff prepared for you. Firstly you can ask for a local student to become your Buddy. They will help you and answer your questions or even pick you up from the airport. Week before the start of the school semester we will organise Orientation Week. During this event you will discover Prague and other parts of the Czech Republic, meet your peers and ofcourse get important information that will help you with your stay.

Are you coming to Prague and you would like someone from the locals to help you out? We will send you an email before the semester starts!
More about Buddy programme here: Buddy Programme

inteGREAT parties & Culture evenings

Every fortnight we organise Culture evenings where you, the international students at CTU, have the opportunity to present your country in an informal (or fun) way, show some traditions or cook your national meals.

inteGREAT parties (as the name suggests) are parties focused on integrating exchange students and local students.


ISC also helps organizing language courses that everyone can participate in or better, you can teach yourself. There will also be Café Lingea which are chill evenings when you speak English and one another language with the native speakers. And on top of that we manage Tandem database which connects 2 people who want to know the language of the other person.

Activities and trips

  • Trips in the Czech Republic and abroad during all the semester
  • Hiking trips in the Czech countryside
  • Bowling, laser tag, board games, paintball and more


Wanna join us?

If you'd like to get involved there are many options how to help us.

Buddy programme

You can choose an exchange student (or more - like 10) as your buddy. Then you will take care of him and hopefully become their friend. Our Buddy handbook will help you with that.

More info on buddy programme and how to become a buddy here.

Do you want to get in touch with us personally? Awesome! You can visit us in our ESN Point or attend any of our team meetings. If you'd like to have some fun you can check out our parties or activities.

Other ways to get involved

ISC team takes care of smooth course of the semester

  • Do you like photography or illustrations? BOOM - Public relations
  • Do you like to do stuff? WHAMM - Activities
  • Are you into organizing events? KTANG - inteGREAT
  • Would you like to help others? SMACK - ISC Care
  • Do you code? SKADOOSH - IT
  • Are you interested in Languages? PUM-SPAK - Languages

And a lot more - I just run out of sound effects.