Do not expect any simple lies that you reveal right after the first sentence. There is far greater evil behind all of this.

International exchange is surely a good place to gain a lot of experience in professional life as well as your personal development.

Social Inclusion is one of our six Causes of ESN and it is no less important than the others. This Cause is not represented just by our events, but also by our behaviour.

Information! Data! News! Media - there are so many of them and it is up to you which ones you choose. It must be pointed out however that you should not choose the ones you like the most, but the most objective and reliable ones.

Culture is one of the six Causes of ESN. There are hundreds of events focused on culture organised every year by the sections all across Europe. The promotion of intercultural dialogue and understanding is at the core of ESN’s mission.

„Erasmus in Zeiten von Corona“ was the topic of the interview conducted by LandesEcho Online Mangazine and our President Adéla Smejkalová was more than pleased to overview how ESN CZ manages the whole situation."

How is ESN in the Czech Republic helping students from abroad to settle and orientated?

Education & Youth is one of the six Causes of ESN. Education is the core activity of ESN and youth is the main target group. ESN has a big impact on the quality of mobility in Europe and makes sure the voice and needs of youth are heard by the decision-makers as the youth has the most relevant personal experience with the quality of mobility. ESN, as an organisation, undertakes various steps and organizes activities to support this goal. 

Erasmus + programme

Environmental Sustainability is one of the six Causes of ESN.

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The Causes of ESN are a transition of our mission, vision and values into our everyday activity.


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