Hello there!

Welcome! Since you are here, it means that you've heard about ESN. Here you will find more information about us, ESN Liberec.

Who are we?

  • One of the biggest student organization at the Technical University of Liberec
  • We are organizing events which helps new students to get friends quickly and more easily. But not only that!
  • We are also your support during your Erasmus. ESN Liberec is a group of incredibly nice and helpful people which will do their best to help you
  • And we love fun! Alot of parties awaits!

Coming to Liberec for Erasmus?

Every beginning of a new semester we organise Welcome Week. In this week we help to you get all needed documents done. You will meet all other exchange students and explore the city with us and other students. Also, we will try to teach you some important Czech words while having fun and getting know each other in Ice Breaking games where will be a lot of our crazy volunteers which guarantee you get closer to many other exchange students!

Are you scared by not knowing your new home for the next semester? Fear no more!
Register to Broaddy and one of the local students will take care of you as your new buddy

Register now!

We can help you out with many things but for the official information about your studies or about the university you can check out the official TUL website with contacts for the International Office website: https://www.tul.cz/en/international-office

Be sure to follow us on social media, so you don't miss any big events and opportunities


Join us!

There is alot to gain!

We are always looking for new people, since our primary goal is to help exchange students, we need a lot of buddies. Being part of ESN is a lot of fun and getting to know alot of different people from all around the world - a life changing experience.

The Buddy

Who is a buddy?

  • Buddy is a local student, who is a first type of contact for a foreign student.
  • Usually, you become friends, and later you help your student explore the city, show him/her the best places to eat, drink & have fun, there is no limit!
  • Check out our Buddy Guide for more information here

How to become a buddy?

  • For this we have special system - Broaddy. Click here to register
  • In Broaddy you can choose from recently registred incoming students and get in touch with them.

Are you interested in our organization and want to get involved even more then just a buddy program? Perfect! Get in touch with us and become active member or even board member! We are doing meetings once a week where we discuss what programs will we prepear for our Erasmus students and also arrange team buildings etc.

Every memeber has his/her role in section

  • Becoming an active member means that you will help with preperation of events or if you want you can organise it
  • Becoming a supporter means you will help the organization by doing things in a field of your choice
  • Becoming a Board member is a most challenging task. Board members are the pillars of ESN.

About our partners:

  • Vodafone offers pre-paid SIMcard especially designed for incoming foreign students! For more information click here.
  • The HAD klub is a club situated in the Harcov dorms of the Technical University of Liberec, in the building D. Every Thusday is becomes a place full of the Erasmus people having fun. There are also some other events happening during the week. Check their facebook profile to know more!