Well, hello there!

You stumbled upon the ESN MUNI Brno page. So behold, because you are about to find out more about our section and we are sure you will soon want to visit us!

Who are we?

  • The biggest student organization at the Masaryk University. (we have around 300 buddies and active members)
  • We cooperate with other sections. (we are the most proud of for the cooperation with ESN VUT Brno and ESN MENDELU Brno - because Brníčko je srdíčko)
  • We like to be seen. (so whenever there is an ESN event, you will most likely find at least one of our members there)
  • We won prizes. (for example the cooperationSTAR 2020 for the ESN Brno United)
  • We are funky. (or at least we like to think so)

What else should you know?

Our mascot is Eugene Croco. He also has his Facebook account, so you can check him out here.

Coming to Brno for Erasmus?

The first event that awaits you when you come to Brno is the Orientation week. During this event, you will get to know Brno and make new friends. But that’s only the beginning. Over the course of the year, you can go with us to the opera, play sports or join our parties. Speaking of parties, did you know that we are holding parties on a boat or in a tram? Also, in spring we are holding the International Students Ball. Don’t feel like partying? You can join one of our many causes related events: we are organizing Erasmus in Schools, we go to the dog shelter to walk the dogs, and much more!

Are you coming to Brno and you would like someone from the locals to help you out? Register to Fiesta and a Buddy will be assigned to you!


We can help you out with many things but for the official information about your studies or about the university you can check out the official Centre of International Cooperation website: https://czs.muni.cz/en/

Here are the links for our social media if you want to keep yourself up to date


Wanna join us?

How to get involved?

There are many things to do in our section. Since our primary goal is to help exchange students, we need a lot of buddies. We also organise a lot of events throughout the year - anything from the Culture trip to the Boat Party.

The Buddy

Who is a buddy?

  • It’s someone who takes care of foreign students both before and after the arrival.
  • Usually, you become friends, and later you help your student explore the city, show him/her the best places to eat, drink & have fun, there is no limit!
  • Check out our cool Buddy Guide for more information here.

How can I become a buddy?

Do you want to get in touch with us personally? That's great! We organise a Team Building each semester, and we also meet regularly due to our Board Meetings and Active Members Meeting where all the buddies are more than welcome to come.

Do you want to be involved even more? Here are just a few more examples:

  • Participate at events – As a member, you can come to all the events we organise!
  • Help with events – The best memories and friendships arise when you inflate the party balloons or cook “bramboráky” at 3 am for the exchange students to represent Czechia.
  • The Coordinators – Become an overlord and be responsible for things such as trips or our Instagram posts yourself!
  • The Supporters – Basically, even greater overlord, check out this link for more.

About our partners:

Maybe you have heard about the ESNcard. Besides getting a discount from Ryanair or Vodafone you will also get a discount for all of our local partners. We can offer you everything from accomodation and restaurants to leisure activities.